ecology unit


Filter Sequence :

  • 1 st Stage .
    •Permanent Metal Washable Filters
    • Filters are classified UL Class 2
    • This section has a stainless steel 316 drain pan and drain pipe.                                           • Electrostatic precipitator

  • 2nd Stage :One (1) 22” (559 mm) 95% efficient bag filter. Bag filter section equipped with pressure differential indicating gage
  • 3rd Stage :HEPA filter, rated at average efficiency 95% by the DOP test method (0.3 micrometer particles); One (1) 12” 95% efficient absolute filter. Absolute filter section equipped with pressure differential indicating gage.
  • 4th Stage: Odor control adsorbing media. Media will be installed in the system prior to delivery.Chemical Media Section, PP-18 modules, complete with CPS Blend Media.

Control System: 

One (1) NEMA 4X VFD status panel configure as follows:

The control panel Will be constructed from heavy gauge steel for remote mounting with front locking screws complete with timers, relays and lamps to indicate system on, condition of pre-filter, bag filter and absolute filters, filter missing, fire and odour reducing operation.
Control circuits will operate at 24 VAC.
The control panel shall give indication of fan status, filter status for stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 filters separately. The status of odour module shall also be displayed. VFCs shall also be available in the ecology unit control panel for indication of all the above parameters to the BMS system. The contractor shall monitor all the above parameters via the main BMS system.

Is it effective ??

It’s effective because it’s able to remove even the smallest polluting particles such as those from fumes, smoke, grease even tobacco.. thank for the unique combination of filters