Ventilation systems
Complete Range, high quality and internationally certified range of ventilation fans, serving the market for more than 20 years, with innovative solutions to size, features and accessories, in addition to a high standard of quality.
Our Systems are equipped with the latest technologies for measuring noise under the norm AMCA 300 (BS848 part 2).
Our Laboratory tests all acoustic, electrical and fluid dynamics performance of all fans within two cameras and nozzle entrance
Test for fans up to 1.600 mm in diameter, 200.000 m3/h and 3.000 pa of static pressure following the international standards, ISO 5801:1997, BS 848-1:1980 and ANSI / AMCA 210-85:1985.

With our range of product we can design any sort of application, such as Kitchen extract/fresh air, Staircase pressurization, general ventilation & Smoke Extraction (Fire rated Fans).
Our Specialized team for Parking and Smoke Extract systems can work on your job from the design stage to the Installation & testing and commissioning

Products Range:
• Wall & glass mounted
• In-line mounted compact
• Air curtains
• Fan-coils & heat recovery units
• Axial fans
• Axial fans – fire rated( 300deg.c & 400deg.c)
• Roof fans
• Centrifugal fans
• Accessories
• Jet fans

Water Supply Systems
Hydronic systems for residential and commercial building applications. as well as energy-efficient systems, design software, training, and support.

Products Range:
• Water Circulation Pumps & Circulators
• Hydronic Accessories
• Air Elimination & Control
• Heat Transfer Products
• Electronic Controls

Fluid Control systems
Distribution of water & gas valves, to be applied in plumbing, conditioning, industrial and irrigation installations

Product Range:
Static Balancing Valves
Dynamic Balancing Valves
Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Glob & Gate Valves
Strainers ,check Valves , Joints

Air Conditioning systems
Wide range of air conditioners allows cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation and purification of the airin order to get real comfort condition for the people living in different kinds of environments like rooms, flats, cottages, officies, pubs, restaurants, hotels…

Our commitments to customer service and drive for continuous professional development have largely contributed to today’s success. These achievements include collaborations with companies that have enabled our products to appear in the most prestigious projects within the engineering sector.

We have the quality standard UNE EN ISO 9001: 2008 issued by Applus +.

Products Range:
Fan Coil Unit
Air Handiling unit
Heat Recovery unit

Air Treatment Systems
We provide high-quality solutions tobacco smoke, smells, pollens and polluting substances. Our products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace – anywhere in the world.

Products Range:
AIR CLEANERS – Carbon, Germs & Tobacco
KITCHEN FUME FILTERS – Electrostatic precipitator

HVAC Accessories
Closed cell elastomeric thermal Insulation Pips & sheet
Fixing system
Fittings & flanges
Clamp for pipes
Galvanized steel fittings – sockets
Duct heaters
humidifiers / dehumidifiers
Condensing units
Air distribution (Grills, diffuser, linear, CVD, VAV & Damper)